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    81153FB4-2F54-4FF3-A7C2-17452C9BF5C4In 2000, Renetta was living in Austin, Texas working in the social services field as a Program Director for a youth organization, when she decided she wanted to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in the film industry.  Putting all her belongings in storage, she packed her clothes and headed for Los Angeles, CA.

    It was in Los Angeles where she met Bob Gary, a Script Supervisor who had worked on such films as “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”. “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte”, and “The Searchers”.  Bob took Renetta under his wings and taught her everything she needed to know to begin her career in film.  In 2007, after a few years working on acclaimed indie hits such as “Quinceanera” winner of the 2006 Sundance Grand Jury and Audience Award, she became a proud member of Local 871, the union for Script Supervisors.  This enabled her to expand her career in film.  Her first film as a union member was “(500) Days of Summer” where she began her professional relationship with Jospeh Gordon-Levitt that continued on with “Don Jon”, his directorial debut.  Other notable projects include, “Ouija”, “Wish I Was Here”, “Beyond the Lights”, “Dope” and “Selma.”

    imdb art-layer 1 copySince her early days where all Script Supervisors worked on book, she is now a “digital scripty”, providing all notes in a digital format.  She uses a variety of programs (Script-E, Peter Skarrat’s digital forms, File Maker Pro) based on what is best for the project.  And of course will still break out the pen and paper when the need arises!


    The maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent details.
    Job Description

    Job Description

    A Script Supervisor's job is split into two main functions:

    The Finer Details

    Keeping an impeccably fluid continuity of wardrobe, art, makeup, actors, camera angles, dialogue, scene coverage in feature and independent films, as well as television and commercials.

    Master Organizer

    Taking notes for the editors so they can quickly locate the shots they’re looking for, and also noting which takes are preferred by the Director and which ones aren’t!

    I assist the Director in1229892_10151923312877474_889296413_n 2 maintaining details of story continuity (as shooting progresses) as well as creating and maintaining the Script Supervision Notes.

    This is done by making sure everything looks the same from one shot to the next.  The script supervisor makes sure that actors’ positions, the costumes/clothing, background, and much more is the same from one shot to the next to avoid inconsistencies. For example, if an actor has a backpack. The script supervisor makes sure that in the next shot, that actor still has a backpack.

    Weeks and sometimes months can pass between the shooting of back to back scenes in a story. Keeping continuity ensures that all wardrobe, hair, makeup, props and camera angles from Scene 24 shot today, match those of scene 23 which was shot 3 weeks ago.

    In addition to these duties, as a script supervisor, I also give the 2nd Assistant Cameraman (AC)  as well as the Sound Mixer a scene and take number to ensure that the post house will be able to easily find the right piece of film to go with its matching sound.

    Duties of a scri

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    • To determine which “script day” each scene takes place on – how many days/nights we see in the film
    • To determine scene and page count of script
    • To provide breakdowns of flashbacks, progressions of injuries, etc, as needed
    • To provide script notes to editor
    • To provide daily progress report to A.D.’s and editor
    • To determine what scene number, camera/sound rolls, scene description for each setup
    • To time each take from action to cut circle the takes the director likes, inform sound and camera of circled takes
    • To track all continuity during filming of each scene



    ON SET

    What Folks say about working with Me
    • Renetta Amador is the first scripty I’ve worked with that has found a way to be fun and personable, yet always keep a keen professional eye on her work.

      - Rob Zombie | Director "31"

    • An amazing collaborator and protector of the vision.

      -Ava Duvernay | Director "Selma"

    • There is no one I trust more , or would want on my side during the craziness that is film production.

      -Rick Famuyiwa | Director "Dope"



    Trailers of some of my work.

    Promising Young Woman Feature Film
    L Word: Generation Q Television
    Marriage Story Feature Film
    A Dog’s Journey Feature Film
    3 From Hell Feature Film
    little Feature Film
    The Curse of La Llorona Feature Film
    HOTEL ARTEMIS Feature Film
    A Wrinkle In Time Feature Film
    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Feature Film
    31 Feature Film
    The Birth Of A Nation Feature Film
    Confirmation Television
    DOPE Feature Film
    SELMA Feature Film
    The Lords of Salem Feature Film
    Beyond The Lights Feature Film
    Don Jon Feature Film
    500 Days of Summer Independent Film
    WISH I WAS HERE Independent Film


    Rob Zombie

    Director “Lords of Salem”, “31”

    Working with a majority of script supervisor is never much fun. Most of the time I find them to be quite dry and boring. The problem is you have to sit next to this person for 14 to 18 hours at a time on some days, so this working relationship can make you a little crazy at times. Renetta Amador is the first scripty I’ve worked with that has found a way to be fun and personable, yet always keep a keen professional eye on her work. I would highly recommend her to any director.

    Ava DuVernay

    “Selma”, “I Will Follow”, “Queen Sugar”

    A quick word of HIGH praise for script supervisor, Renetta Amador. SELMA is my second film with her and I pray she’s available for all the rest to come. An amazing collaborator and protector of the vision.

    Rick Famuyiwa

    Director “Dope”, “Confirmation”, “Our Family Wedding”

    I’ve known and worked with Renetta for many years. She is a friend and a filmmaker. I use neither of those words lightly. There is no one I trust more , or would want on my side during the craziness that is film production. We’ve been through some exciting, fun, and challenging circumstances together. Through it all Renetta has always maintained her humor, professionalism, honesty and talent. See you on the next adventure!

    Josh Stolberg

    Director “The Hungover Games”

    Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend Renetta Amador as a script supervisor. She was incredibly proficient at her job. Despite having a shoot with sweeping fight scene, green screen days and dangerous stunt work… she not only helped me stay on schedule, on budget and on point, but I can’t remember ONE continuity issue in post. I blame her. Renetta knows how to take a joke… and deliver one. She knows when to pipe up. She knows when to blend. She was a dream to work with. The ONLY reason I canNOT recommend Renetta, and would STRONGLY discouraging you from hiring her, is that I’m afraid she’ll be working on YOUR film when I need her working on MINE.

    Alan Bell

    ACE, Editor “(500) Days of Summer”

    I worked with Renetta on the 500 Days of Summer. Her notes were accurate and concise. She is super nice and has a very good eye for matching and camera lines.i look forward to working with her again soon!

    Mimi Valdés

    Producer “Dope”

    It’s obvious that a script supervisor needs to be meticulous, but how amazing would it be if they were just an awesome human being as well? Renetta is more than awesome. Besides going above and beyond to insure there’s continuity, she has a calming demeanor that just works well on set. When she speaks, it’s clear you should listen. Renetta knows how to keep everyone focused and happy in the process. She’s a rare individual and an asset to any production.

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